“It’s been a pleasure introducing radio audiences to Robin and her songs; songs with the power to entertain, enthrall, educate and to heal.”  (She is ) a musician who mixes everything from blues to old-time banjo into a thoroughly contemporary mix.” (Dave Palmater, WUMB-FM, Boston)

“A consummate professional.” (Rich Warren, Folkstage, WFMT-FM, Chicago)

“One of the best straight-ahead folk albums we’ve heard in years!” (Stan Jay, late owner, Mandolin Brothers)

“There are very few people in this genre who have the whole package (of great writing, great performing and great singing) – Robin is one of them.” (Mike Beck, Access Film Music)

” A great CD, I was super-impressed and listened many times. In my top 200!” (Derek Sivers, founder, CDBaby.com)

“Great stuff – folk and more. Genre-crossing in a fascinating way.”
(Micah Solomon, President Oasis CD)

“She’s definitely not just another folkie with a guitar!” (Edie Gayle Hays, KUMR)

“Frankly, with the talent that I’ve heard on “Slow Burn,” I’m surprised a bigger label hasn’t picked Robin Greenstein up by now.”
(Folk Acoustic and Music Exchange FAME website review)

“I haven’t heard anything so right-on since Carole King and Joni Mitchell cranked out mega albums in the 1970s…” (The Mining Company )

“She plays guitar like a man, but sings like a woman!” (street busker, Copenhagen)

” ‘Hole In The Ground’ is one of the best songs I’ve heard about 9/11.” (Gene Shay, legendary Philly folk DJ)