Welcome to 2016! Somehow I managed to miss the 2nd largest snowfall in NYC history in January, by being in Florida when it happened (I was actually supposed to fly back north the day of the big snow). I was there to do 4 different shows. It turned out to be fortuitous. My dad’s wife of 25 years passed away, and I was nearby. I was able to be there for him during the tough days following, the funeral, the shiva and the adjustment to a new life without his partner of 25+ years. RIP Joyce Barksy Greenstein. 

Due to the successful outcome of my fall Indiegogo campaign, I will be able to complete my new CD. I’m excited to have Rob Friedman, the producer of my “Acousticness” CD, who has agreed to remix the final tracks. My friend Christopher Jones in Pittsburgh carried the burden for me this far, and between the two of them, this record is going to rock! If you are interested in getting involved, the campaign continues as an “indemand” project. Feel free to contact me about it. I also raised money to help replace my stolen banjo and so that hunt begins in earnest now as I travel to Boston soon to check out some instruments.

I have some interesting gigs coming up at new venues in the next couple of months (see my calendarpage), and will finally get to take a vacation in February to a country I’ve wanted to visit for a while now- Nicaragua. My friend has a house there and thanks to American Airlines’ bumping me in August, my flight will be free:) We’ll be sure to bring plenty of DEET….Zika be damned!

In January I returned to the South Florida Folk Festival to perform. I was one of the winners of their Singer-Songwriter Contest in 2015; part of the prize winnings was an appearance at the 2016 festival. It was a strange day because it was the day my dad’s wife passed, but I did the gig anyway and tried to hang around to support the other artists at the festival. Thanks to Elyse Brunt for the photo.

I could always use help getting airplay, especially in the Boston area. We need to get WUMB back on board! Also WAMC in Albany, WXPN in Philly, WFMT in Tampa, FL, WFUV in New York City, WPKN in Bridgeport, and many of the stations below. If you live somewhere near a folk radio show, please email in a request. They do pay attention to those requests! I would love it if you could request any of my songs at Folk Alley Radio –

Listen to the radio? Have a favorite station? You can help me find new listeners by requesting airplay on your local indie music station. A partial list of stations that have been serviced with my product is below. Most of the non-commercial stations have websites or Facebook pages where you can e-mail requests for music you would like to hear. An e-mail requesting airplay of my CDs would be much appreciated!

SIrius Satellite Radio – Sirius has played my children’s song for Hanukkah, but I’d love to get on other channels there. If you subscribe to XM Satellite Radio, please request any of my music from their “Village” channel by clicking here or writing them via Facebook.

KVMR-FM – Nevada City, CA
WAMC – FM – Albany, NY
WPSU-FM State College, PA
WYEP-FM – Pittsburg, PA -on “American Sampler,” Ken Batista, host
WVUD – Newark, DE
KFAI FM – Minneapolis, MN
WDIY – Allentown, PA
WFMT – Chicago, IL (“the Midnight Special” show)
KRFC – Ft. Collins, CO
KGOF – San Francisco, CA
WCVF – Fredonia, NY
WVIA – Wilkes Barre, PA
WFHB – Bloomington, IN
WTSR – Ewing, NJ Pete Kernast’s folk show
WKSU – Kent, OH (Folk Alley program)
WPRB – Princeton, NJ
WSDL, Ocean City, MD
WRUV-FM, Cleveland, OH
WCNI Radio – New London, CT
WNMC – Traverse City, MI
WLRN – Miami, FL (Michael Stock’s Folk Music Program)
and many other radio stations and internet radio sites! 

I am still selling my handmade pierced earrings online. I started fooling around with the many shells I had picked up on the beaches of Club Med where I was performing, as well as Florida. Many of the shells has tiny holes in them and I thought theyd look pretty as earrings. So I began to make earrings from the shellsI had found, using beads and semi-precious stones in the design. It has turned into a kind of passion and I have made so many pairs that got oohs and aahs from friends that I thought I’d offer them for sale. I love that they are made from nature and make me feel very connected to the sea,sand warm weather when I wear them. They are made for pierced ears, and I’ve created a website for them.. Every pair is $10 plus shipping of $2. They are fun and funky and make great inexpensive gifts for the women in your life.

CD Baby, my main online e-tailer (my music is licensed to iTunes through them), has been offering a special incentive for people to check out new music. Buy 3 CDs from a wide list of choices for just $15. I have been putting one or more of my CDs in the program from time to time, and the results have been most interesting. Many more people are checking out my music and taking advantage of this great deal. You can also order directly from this website. Most CDs are only $10, available from this website. Nearly all of my songs are available for individual digital download.

If you have enjoyed my music in the past, you can “write” a review of either of my CDs and post it to Just go to this link for “Slow Burn”, for “Acousticness” and for “Images of Women Vol.1.” Please note that you will have to create a buyer login in order to post reviews, whether you are a consumer, music lover, or CDBaby artist.

I have an artist page at Facebook, which is where my music activities are posted. If you can take a minute to go there and “like” my page, I’d appreciate it! You can also click the link on the left hand menu bar. I have a Twitter account, @bobbolu and have started posting there more regularly on local, political and consumer topics as well as tweeting about occasional music things I’m involved with or going to see. I have my own channel at Youtube and, if you subscribe there, you’ll be notified when new videos are uploaded. Some are banjo videos, some are original songs; some are teaching videos – etc Most recently a video of a song from the new CD was recorded at the NERFA conference in November, with Jackie Damsky joining me on violin. Enjoy!

Thanks for stopping by the site and, as always, for your support. It keeps us indie artists going.


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