If you like my music, chances are you will like these other websites. Here are some resources for acoustic music I would recommend:

Resources For Acoustic Music — Folk Music

has a nice section on contemporary singer-songwriters and contemporary folk.

FAME — Folk and Acoustic Music Exchange

This is a website where you can find reviews of contemporary and traditional folk (acoustic) music as well as links to other acoustic music performers.

Places to Buy Music Online

CD Baby

They sell my product online and have other wonderful artists as well. and they have the cutest logos!

Brambus Records

They put out my first record SLOW BURN in Europe (they are based in Switzerland). A fine label.


Friends and folks I would recommend

Salem Krieger

Salem took the photos for my two CDs. He is a wonderful visual artist. Don’t take my word for it, check it out for yourself!

Rich Cuccaro

Publishes the Acoustic Live newsletter (a local NYC metro area calendar.) A friend of folk music!

Martin Guitars

What can I say? One of the best guitars made on the planet. All my guitar parts on my recordings were recorded with my 1975 Martin 000-28. It was an expensive purchase years ago, yet the guitar has only grown in value since. The company has lent me various guitars to tour with over the past several years. I did several clinics for them and ran their showcases at Folk Alliance, in addition to travelling with CEO Chris Martin to Europe and China.

Beata Howe

Beata Howe is a dance teacher and a champion competitor in West Coast Swing and Country. She teaches and competes all over the country. She is using several of my songs in her teaching videos.

Voyage-Air Guitars

I first heard about and saw one of these guitars in November of 2008 and flipped for it. By March 2009, I had bought one. Besides being great to look at, great sounding, and nicely designed, these guitars are the future of travelling with instruments – the guitar folds in half and fits into a specially molded case so you can take it on a place as a carry-on piece of luggage! Harvey Leach is the creator and he has done a lot of inlay work for Martin Guitar’s special models.

Cecilia Kirtland

I have known Cecilia since we were teen students at the famed Guitar Workshop of Long Island. Cecilia is my partner in Songs of the Season, my December holiday program. Cecilia is a lovely singer and guitarist in her own right.

Other Vendors I am fond of

Mandolin Brothers

Stan Jay might be one of the most knowledgeable people on the planet about Guitars, and especially Martin Guitars. The nondescript outward appearance of their little store on Staten Island belies the wonderful collection of guitars they carry for sale within. They put Manhattan Guitar stores to shame! They also carry some of my CDs and have written very generous and positive reviews of my music. Take a field trip and go visit them! or subscribe to their very entertaining catalogue.