Songs of the Season


Robin Greenstein + Cecilia Kirtland


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“Songs of the Season” is a CD of music from a show that Robin Greenstein, along with Cecilia Kirtland, has been performing for the past decade in the NY metro area. It is a multi-cultural, multi-lingual collection of music from the major winter celebrations of Yule, Christmas, Hanukkah, Kwanzaa and New Year’s, sung in English, Spanish, German, Hebrew, Ladino, Yiddish and Yoruban.

Robin and Cecilia go back to the Guitar Workshop in Roslyn, NY, a legendary music school where they were both guitar students, and eventually teachers. Their friendship spans decades and they have made music and sung together over the years. Around 2000, in response to a booking request, they put together a concert program based on their respective holiday traditions and “Songs of the Season” was born. Robin is Jewish and grew up with the music of Hanukkah and Eastern Europe. Cecilia’s mother is Chilean, so her Christmases had a hispanic influence. Their love of folk music led them to incorporate other ethnic music from Germany, Sweden, Puerto Rico, the Baltics, etc. The CD has a combination of holiday favorites along with some new classics, music for Kwanzaa and an original Hanukkah song by Robin. For more information on their show, which they have performed at dozens of libraries, schools, colleges, historical societies, etc, click here.

The CD runs 45 minutes in length and features Robin and Cecilia’s gorgeous harmony vocals and intricate guitar arrangements. 

You can purchase “Songs of the Season” directly from this website. Digital Downloads are available at CDBaby and other digital e-tailers.

Song Listings:

1. Winter Wonderland (F. Bernard/R.Smith) / Deck The Halls (trad. Yule)
2.  Jingle Bells (written in 1900) – Winter song
3. Chanukah Medley (Chanukah Chag Yafeh Kol
4. Hanuka (Ladino)
5. Celebrate Hanukkah (Robin Greenstein) – original Hanukkah song
6. Ocho Kandelikas (Flory Jagoda) -Ladino Chanukah song
7. Alegria (Puerto Rican Christmas song)
8. Silent Night (Franz Gruber)
9. Feliz Navidad (Jose Feliciano)
10. Mele Kalikimaka (Alex Anderson) – Merry Christmas in Hawaiian!
11. Odun De (Babatundi Olatunji) – Sung in Yoruban (Kwanaa)
12. Habari Gani (James McBride) – lovely unity song for Kwanzaa
13. Go Tell It On The Mountain – Gospel Christmas
14. Here We Come A-Wassailing – British Isles, Yule/New Year’s
15. We Wish You A Merry Christmas – Yule

All songs traditional, arranged and adapted by Robin Greenstein and Cecilia Kirtland, except where noted

Musicians include


  • Robin Greenstein – steel string guitar, guitalele, ukulele and vocals
  • Cecilia Kirtland – nylon string guitar and vocals
  • Mike Nugent – guitar solo on “Feliz Navidad”, bass on “Chanukah Medley”, various percussion
  • Steve Finklestein – percussion 
  • Ken “The Rocket” Korb – harmonica, mandolin, pennywhistle
  • Sue Klied – flute on “Deck The Halls”
  • Lisa Gutkin – fiddle on “Chanukah Medley”
  • Rob Stein – pedal Steel on “Mele Kalikimaka”
  • Barry Gruber – bass on “Celebrate HanukkahRecorded and Mixed at Melts In Your Ears Studio, Huntington, NY by Mike Nugent between Spring 2009
    & Fall 2010
    Produced by Robin, Cecilia and Mike Nugent
    Mastered by Jon Gordon, Jon Gordon Productions, NYC
    Graphic Design and CD cover by Meryl Randman

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Sound Clips: sound clips

1. Winter Wonderland/Deck The Halls – Yule
2. Celebrate Hanukkah – Hanukkah
3.  S’vivon – Hanukkah song in Hebrew
4. Habari Gani – Kwanzaa
5. Go Tell It On The Mountain – Gospel Christmas


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Images of Women vol.2

Images of Women, Vol. 2

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Volume 2 picks up where Vol. 1 left off, with more songs from Robin’s concert-lecture of the same name. It is nearly an hour of music and has 14 traditional Anglo and Afro-American folk songs, all about or by women, sung by Robin and performed on banjo and guitar with bass, percussion, fiddle, harmonica and more.

New in Volume 2 are a few contemporary songs (composed 20th Century) by such luminaries as Peggy Seeger and Christine Lavin. There is also the iconic song “Union Maid” by Woody Guthrie. On this CD you will find such classic folk and blues songs as “Frankie and Johnny”, “Sweet Betsy From Pike”, “Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies”, “I Never Will Marry” and others.

The CD is available here. You can also purchase it at CDBaby and digital e-tailers everywhere.

Song Listings:

1. Sweet Betsy From Pike (3:07)
2. Father Grumble (3:07)
3. Born in the Country (4:58)
4. The Whore’s Lament (3:56)
5. The Cruel War (5:19)
6. Union Maid (W. Guthrie) (2:40)
7. Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies (4:21)
8. I’m Gonna Be An Engineer (Peggy Seeger) (6:27)
9. Frankie And Johnny (4:41)
10. The Two Sisters (5:17)
11. When I Was In My Prime (3:53)
12. I Never Will Marry (2:17)
13. Bold WIlliam Taylor (4:20)
14. Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind (C. Lavin) (3:27)

All songs traditional, arranged and adapted by Robin Greenstein except where noted

  • Musicians include 
  • Robin Greenstein- all guitars, banjo and vocals
  • Barry Wiesenfeld- acoustic and electric basses
  • Cheryl Prashkar – drums and percussion 
  • Adam Carper – harmonica 
  • Dan Collins – fiddle 
  • Lisa McDivitt – harp and recorder
  • Stuart Marcus – vocals on “The Cruel War”
  • Janice Hubbard – vocal harmony on “Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies”

Click here to buy hard copies of the CD. You can listen to sound clips of each song by clicking on the arrow in the red circle to the left of each title.

Lyrics and notes for 

Vol. 2

click on a song for the lyrics and notes

1. Sweet Betsy From Pike
2. Father Grumble
3. Born In The Country
4. The Whore’s Lament
5. The Cruel War
6. Union Maid
7. Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies
8. I’m Gonna Be An Engineer
9. Frankie and Johnny
10. The Two Sisters
11. I Never Will Marry
12. Bold William Taylor
13. When I Was In My Prime
13. Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind


Images of Women vol.1


I’m pleased to offer another musical side of myself which features my love of traditional folk music. This CD also features more banjo than my previous recordings, as well as lots of solo acoustic finger-style guitar. 

These songs are part of a concert-lecture I have been performing for many years called “Images of Women in Folk Music” at colleges, universities and other venues. They include classic American and Anglo-American folk songs, from ballads to blues.

This CD is an expansion of a 7-song cassette I did a number of years ago. Many of those songs were re-recorded along with many new songs I have added to the program. Joining me musically is Barry Wiesenfeld on acoustic and electric bass, Richard Sleigh on harmonica and Charlie Rury on fiddle. There is some percussion but no drrums.

The CD is a departure from my first two CDs in that it’s very acoustic, with very few instruments and no drums. Song lyrics are only available here at the website. 

Song Listing (all songs public domain unless indicated otherwise):

1. The Wagoner’s Lad (intro)
2. Katie Dear
3. The Gypsy Davy (aka Blackjack Davy)
4. Know You Rider
5. Cotton Mill Girls (Hedy West, Unichappell Music, BMI)
6. Rosemary Lane
7. The Railroad Boy
8. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
9. The House Carpenter
10. The Wind and Rain
11. Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
12. The Devil And The Farmer’s Wife
13. Dink’s Song (Fare Thee Well)
14. The Wagoner’s Lad (full version)

“Images of Women” can be purchased as a hard copy CD at my recordings page directly from me via online credit card charge, mailing in an order form, or at You can also purchase individual songs as digital downloads, or the entire album (digitally) by clicking on the tracks below:

We’ve recorded so much material that this will be a multi-volume set. Vol. 2 coming in late 2009!

Here’s a review of “Images of Women” that appeared in SING OUT, the premiere folk music Magazine in the U.S.:

“Before hearing this recording, I had only known Robin Greenstein as a singer-songwriter. It turns out she once studied with the great Hedy West and, as she reveals on this set, she is, herself, a very impressive interpreter of traditional folk songs.

With the exception of West’s “Cotton Mill Girls”, all of the songs here are traditional, all are performed in traditionally-oriented styles, and all are primarily about women. The women in many of these songs are tragic figures. There’s the regretful wife who wishes she were a single girl again, the suicidal lovers in “Katie Dear” – a variant of “Silver Dagger” – the battered, murdered woman in “The Wind and Rain” and the young mother who deserts her baby and husband, the house carpenter, to run away with a seaman, only to drown when his ship sinks. There’s also the rich man’s wife who deserts her husband to run off with Blackjack Davy and the wife of the farmer who was too much trouble for the Devil himself.

Among my favorite tracks are a bluesy version of “I Know You Rider” that’s reminiscent of Hot Tuna’s arrangement and a lovely version of the lonesome lament “Dink’s Song (Fare Thee Well).”

Greenstein complements her comfortable-sounding vocals with some fine guitar and banjo playing. She also sparingly uses a synthesizer for added texture and receives some tasteful support from Barry Wiesenfeld on bass Richard Sleigh on harmonica and fiddler Charlie Rury. As she implies in the album title, she’s planning to release a second volume of traditional songs in the future. I’m eagerly awaiting it.”.

( Mike Regenstreif for SING OUT Magazine)
reprinted with permission of the reviewer 



Lyrics and credits for 

Vol. 1

click on a song for the lyrics

1. Intro (The Wagoner’s Lad)
2. Katie Dear
3. The Gypsy Davy
4. Know You Rider
5. Cotton Mill Girls
6. Rosemary Lane
7. The Railroad Boy
8. Let No Man Steal Your Thyme
9. The House Carpenter
10. The Wind and Rain
11. Wish I Was A Single Girl Again
12. The Devil and The Farmer’s Wife
13. Dink’s Song (Fare Thee Well)
13. The Wagoner’s Lad (full version)


Slow Burn

Released in 1994, this CD features 12 original songs as well as a unique version of “Someone To Watch over Me” and “Bye Bye Blackbird.” This is Robin’s most pop sounding album with a full production including horns and winds, and features many of NY’s finest musicians: Tony Conniff, Robbie Kondor, Michael Wolff, Drew Zingg, Frank Vilardi,Warren Odze, Ronnie Lawson, Lou Cortelezzi, Bob Malach and others. Available through Windy Records in the USA and Brambus records for territories outside the US.

Song Listing (All songs by Robin Greenstein unless otherwise noted):

1. New York Blues
2. Me and My Daydreams
3. Searching
4. He Always Liked the Ladies (Hommage a Degas)
5. Slow Burn
6. Catch You If I Can
7. The Magic of Paris
8. When You Leave Amsterdam
9. Living Your Life Alone
10. Someone To Watch Over Me (George and Ira Gershwin)
11. Remember
12. Can’t Help Thinking About You
13. A Long Ride
14. Bye Bye Blackbird (Mort Dixon and Ray Henderson)

Windy Records Press Release for Slow Burn

Slow Burn, Robin Greenstein’s debut album, was released in 1989 on Windy Records and Tapes, her own independent label. Robin is a singer and award-winning songwriter from New York who has the distinction of being one of the very few writers ever signed to Bob Dylan’s publishing company.

Robin, who has been compared with such greats as Karla Bonoff, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and Carole King, balances personal songwriting with a pop sensibility and stellar singing to create an amalgam of funky, folky, bluesy, acoustic-based pop music which can break your heart in one minute and make you smile the next.

Slow Burn, recorded at Secret Sound and Evergreen Studios in NYC, features 9 originals (including her American Song Festival award-winner) and one cover song, an unusual arrangement of the Gershwin classic Someone to Watch Over Me. While Robin tours nationally as a solo or with an accompanist, this album features sterling back-up by many musicians who have played with her locally since her early days in New York and are now some of the hottest session/touring musicians in the City. They include bassist co-producer Tony Conniff (Phobe Snow, Golden Palominos, Longhouse), keyboardist Robbie Kondor (Bee Gees, Carole King, Linda Rondstadt, Bette Midler, etc.) synth player Ronnie Lawson (Joan Jett); pianist Michael Wolff (bandleader, Arsenio Hall show); drummers Frank Vilardi (Suzanne Vega, Curtis Steigers, Grace Pool) and Warren Odze (Judy Collins); sax player Lou Cortelezzi (Peter Allen, Dan Fogelberg, Billy Joel); Guitarist Drew Zingg (Steely Dan), singers Margaret Dorn and Millie Whiteside (Longhouse, Robert Plant & Diana Ross among countless others), singer/player Janice Hubbard (children’s group Parachute Express), engineer Hahn Rowe (WB act Hugo Largo), etc. All these musicians came together to offer their talents in creating unique musical arrangements (see LP liner notes).

Many of the songs in Slow Burn reflect Robin’s experiences living in Europe as a music student in the late 70’s as well as her subsequent adventures in new York. With songs about London (“Living Your Life Alone”), Paris, Amsterdam and New York, The LP takes on an international flavor, yet, at the same time other songs such as “Slow Burn”, “Searching” and “He Always Liked the Ladies” have a distinctly American, folky, country quality.

In 1991 Slow Burn was re-released on CD in Europe by Brambus Records, a Swiss record label. 4 additional songs were recorded for the CD release including 3 originals and a ragtime version of “Bye Bye Blackbird.” Additional musicians for these tracks (only available on the CD version) include Mark Shulman (guitarist for Suzanne Vega) and acoustic guitarist Dave Hull (Flying Fish Recording artist). As of 1995 Slow Burn is only available in the U.S. on Windy Records and in Europe through Brambus. A distribution deal with Band Together Records in the U.S. is pending. SLOW BURN has been described as “music to relax to, music to cry by, music to make out to”.

For more information, please call Robin Greenstein at Windy Records (877) 374-9033
or Email her at:

“It sets a standard for self-produced projects. This is what everyone else will want their album to sound as good as.”

Fast Folk Musical Magazine


Attention radio programmers: Slow Burn was serviced when it was released on Windy Records. If you never received a second servicing of it on CD, please call the 800 number or e-mail to with your mailing info to receive a copy.


Released in 2000, this CD has 12 songs, 11 originals and a song by Bob Dylan, played on banjo. Produced by Rob Friedman. Core band: Robin, Rob Friedman, Doug Yowell and Michael Visceglia, with other guests. Two of the tracks were recorded in New Orleans with members of Clarence “Gatemouth” Brown’s band.

Song Listing (all songs by Robin Greenstein unless otherwise noted):

1. New Kick Now
2. I’ll Be There
3. Acousticness
4. Tomorrow’s A Brand New Day
5. Did Ya Know
6. Cry For The Lonely
7. You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (B. Dylan)
8. Let Go
9. West Coast Swing
10. The Boys From Fargo
11. Can’t Lose With You (R. Greenstein-J. Payson)
12. Sacred Song



Robin Greenstein is a multi-talented singer/songwriter from New York
City whose music merges many influences. She’s been compared with such
greats as James Taylor, Karla Bonoff, Bonnie Raitt and Carole King.
Robin is quite popular on the college circuit, performing at over 30
campuses a year. 

Her many songwriting accomplishments include: signed as a writer for two
years to Bob Dylan’s publishing company; two songs on the debut album of
Atlantic Recording artist Janice Payson; two appearances on Fast Folk
CDs; and chosen on her first go-round for the 1989 Kerrville Festival
New Folk showcase. Robin has performed in over 44 states as well as
Europe, Japan and Mexico. She tours Denmark every summer. 

“I was tired of people always asking me what kind of music I played, so
I wrote a song about it.  I call my music Acousticness.”

Robin’s new CD “Acousticness” shows that while her roots are in
traditional folk (she plays both guitar & 5- string banjo) her personal
style fuses many genres.  “Acousticness” features a full rhythm section
based around her accomplished acoustic guitar style.  Traditional
instruments (harmonica,  banjo, mandolin)  mesh beautifully with
contemporary keyboards and electric guitars. Of course, a CD by Robin
wouldn’t be complete without wonderful harmonies.  The title song is a
celebration of musical influences, and defines her music; a style that
is rooted in acoustic folk & blues music, but contains elements of rock,
pop, country, R&B and jazz. 

Awards and Distinctions

1989 – Kerrville Folk Festival, finalist, New Folk Competition
1993 – Touring Artist for Penn State Cultural Arts Series
1993 – Nominated Best Female Entertainer, Campus Activities Today
Reader’s Choice Awards
1994 – First European Tour
1995 – Riverbank Folk Festival Competition – winner
1996 – New Jersey Folk Festival New Folk Competition – winner
New Folk Showcase, Falcon Ridge Folk Festival
Showcased at Northeast Regional Folk Alliance Convention, Nov.
Appeared on Montel Williams show
1998 – Appeared on s MP3 compilation (first of its kind)
1999 – Received Outstanding Associate Member Award, NACA’s East Coast Region.

Musicians featured on ACOUSTICNESS  : 
* Rob Friedman (producer, guitars, keyboards, percussion)  Produced acts for SONY Canada
including Juno Award  winners Melanie Doane and Kevan Jordan; the November Project
Columbia Records).  Hit songwriter (“Don’t Shed A Tear” – int. l Top 10 hit for Paul Carrack)
* Doug Yowell – Drums (Sophie B. Hawkins, David Benoit, Richard Julian)
* Michael Visceglia – Bass player (Suzanne Vega)
* Bob Meehan – Harmonica (Stained Grass Window)
* Aske Jacoby  –  Electric Guitar. Well known player in his native Denmark with two CDs.
* Cecilia Kirtland, Frank Rendo, Eva Sklar  background vocals
Clarence Gatemouth Brown’s band, Gate’s Express, plays on tracks #9 and #10:
* Joe Krown – piano
* David Peters – drums
* Harold Floyd – bass 

TRACK LIST and general description: 
(unless noted, all songs by Robin Greenstein and published by Tuddy and Pokey Music, BMI) &

1) New Kick Now (4:28) –  pop-folk tongue-in-cheek break-up song.
2)  Acousticness  (5:22) a celebration of musical influences.  A story song of sorts, in a funky bluesy riff,
replete with nods to musical  greats of all eras .
3)  I’ ll Be There (Anytime At All) (4:31) – a song about parenting and  motherhood. Catchy chorus.
4)  Tomorrow’ s A Brand New Day (4:20) quieter philsophical song about optimism.
5) Did Ya Know (4:16) a sexy groove tune about…. Well it’s sexy
6) Cry For the Lonely (4:28) up-tempo country rock
7) You’ re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (Bob Dylan) (2:57) – the classic Dylan song from the
“Blood On The Tracks” album reinterpreted on banjo.
8) Let Go (4:15) -often requested, a philosophy of life song of personal experiences.
9) West Coast Swing (3:20)  – A shuffle blues, Recorded in New Orleans, this is a song about a
dance style that is sister to East Coast Swing(Lindy) dancing. It is also written in the dance style
itself and can be danced to (like The Twist).
10) The Boys From Fargo (3:15)- Little Feat influence here on a rollicking tribute to men from the midwest.
11) Can’t Lose With You (Robin Greenstein/Janice Payson) (4:30)- classic pop/folk ballad, gospel treatment.
12) Sacred Song (4:20) – quiet pensive homage to friendship, filled with images from folk music. 

Most Acoustic Cuts:  #7 (Dylan song) and #11 (Sacred Song)
Songs with banjo:  #2 Acousticness and #7 (Dylan song)
Most up tempo:  #6  (Cry For The Lonely)
Danceable:  #6 (country), #9 (swing) #10 (swing)
Best sing-along choruses:  #1, #3, #6 #11 


  • Has support of many key AAA  and folk radio stations 
  • Tours the college market extensively all over U.S. 
  • Indie promotion under consideration
    Tours Europe annually

Full national press effort
In-store play CD/CS available
Tour in planning stages
Posters (2 or 4-color)
Color postcards, color buttons 

Acousticness is initially being released on Windy Records in the U.S.,
and tentatively by Brambus Records in Europe.
CDs have internet distribution via SONGS.COM or by called 1-800 BUYMYCD. 

for more info please contact Robin:
Windy Records
216 W. 89th St., #10C
New York, NY 10024
(212) 877-2662      fax (212) 877-3105




Song Title Lyrics
New Kick Now
I’ll Be There (Anytime At All)
Tomorrow’s A Brand New Day
Did Ya Know
Cry For The Lonely
You’re Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go
Let Go
West Coast Swing
The Boys From Fargo
Can’t Lose With You
Sacred Song