Images of Women vol.2

Images of Women, Vol. 2

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Volume 2 picks up where Vol. 1 left off, with more songs from Robin’s concert-lecture of the same name. It is nearly an hour of music and has 14 traditional Anglo and Afro-American folk songs, all about or by women, sung by Robin and performed on banjo and guitar with bass, percussion, fiddle, harmonica and more.

New in Volume 2 are a few contemporary songs (composed 20th Century) by such luminaries as Peggy Seeger and Christine Lavin. There is also the iconic song “Union Maid” by Woody Guthrie. On this CD you will find such classic folk and blues songs as “Frankie and Johnny”, “Sweet Betsy From Pike”, “Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies”, “I Never Will Marry” and others.

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Song Listings:

1. Sweet Betsy From Pike (3:07)
2. Father Grumble (3:07)
3. Born in the Country (4:58)
4. The Whore’s Lament (3:56)
5. The Cruel War (5:19)
6. Union Maid (W. Guthrie) (2:40)
7. Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies (4:21)
8. I’m Gonna Be An Engineer (Peggy Seeger) (6:27)
9. Frankie And Johnny (4:41)
10. The Two Sisters (5:17)
11. When I Was In My Prime (3:53)
12. I Never Will Marry (2:17)
13. Bold WIlliam Taylor (4:20)
14. Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind (C. Lavin) (3:27)

All songs traditional, arranged and adapted by Robin Greenstein except where noted

  • Musicians include 
  • Robin Greenstein- all guitars, banjo and vocals
  • Barry Wiesenfeld- acoustic and electric basses
  • Cheryl Prashkar – drums and percussion 
  • Adam Carper – harmonica 
  • Dan Collins – fiddle 
  • Lisa McDivitt – harp and recorder
  • Stuart Marcus – vocals on “The Cruel War”
  • Janice Hubbard – vocal harmony on “Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies”

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Lyrics and notes for 

Vol. 2

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1. Sweet Betsy From Pike
2. Father Grumble
3. Born In The Country
4. The Whore’s Lament
5. The Cruel War
6. Union Maid
7. Come All You Fair And Tender Ladies
8. I’m Gonna Be An Engineer
9. Frankie and Johnny
10. The Two Sisters
11. I Never Will Marry
12. Bold William Taylor
13. When I Was In My Prime
13. Good Thing He Can’t Read My Mind