Windy Records Press Release for Slow Burn

Slow Burn, Robin Greenstein's debut album, was released in 1989 on Windy Records and Tapes, her own independent label. Robin is a singer and award-winning songwriter from New York who has the distinction of being one of the very few writers ever signed to Bob Dylan's publishing company.

Robin, who has been compared with such greats as Karla Bonoff, Bonnie Raitt, James Taylor and Carole King, balances personal songwriting with a pop sensibility and stellar singing to create an amalgam of funky, folky, bluesy, acoustic-based pop music which can break your heart in one minute and make you smile the next.

Slow Burn, recorded at Secret Sound and Evergreen Studios in NYC, features 9 originals (including her American Song Festival award-winner) and one cover song, an unusual arrangement of the Gershwin classic Someone to Watch Over Me. While Robin tours nationally as a solo or with an accompanist, this album features sterling back-up by many musicians who have played with her locally since her early days in New York and are now some of the hottest session/touring musicians in the City. They include bassist co-producer Tony Conniff (Phobe Snow, Golden Palominos, Longhouse), keyboardist Robbie Kondor (Bee Gees, Carole King, Linda Rondstadt, Bette Midler, etc.) synth player Ronnie Lawson (Joan Jett); pianist Michael Wolff (bandleader, Arsenio Hall show); drummers Frank Vilardi (Suzanne Vega, Curtis Steigers, Grace Pool) and Warren Odze (Judy Collins); sax player Lou Cortelezzi (Peter Allen, Dan Fogelberg, Billy Joel); Guitarist Drew Zingg (Steely Dan), singers Margaret Dorn and Millie Whiteside (Longhouse, Robert Plant & Diana Ross among countless others), singer/player Janice Hubbard (children's group Parachute Express), engineer Hahn Rowe (WB act Hugo Largo), etc. All these musicians came together to offer their talents in creating unique musical arrangements (see LP liner notes).

Many of the songs in Slow Burn reflect Robin's experiences living in Europe as a music student in the late 70's as well as her subsequent adventures in new York. With songs about London ("Living Your Life Alone"), Paris, Amsterdam and New York, The LP takes on an international flavor, yet, at the same time other songs such as "Slow Burn", "Searching" and "He Always Liked the Ladies" have a distinctly American, folky, country quality.

In 1991 Slow Burn was re-released on CD in Europe by Brambus Records, a Swiss record label. 4 additional songs were recorded for the CD release including 3 originals and a ragtime version of "Bye Bye Blackbird." Additional musicians for these tracks (only available on the CD version) include Mark Shulman (guitarist for Suzanne Vega) and acoustic guitarist Dave Hull (Flying Fish Recording artist). As of 1995 Slow Burn is only available in the U.S. on Windy Records and in Europe through Brambus. A distribution deal with Band Together Records in the U.S. is pending. SLOW BURN has been described as "music to relax to, music to cry by, music to make out to".

For more information, please call Robin Greenstein at Windy Records (877) 374-9033
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"It sets a standard for self-produced projects. This is what everyone else will want their album to sound as good as."

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