written by Robin Greenstein

Copyright ©1997 Tuddy & Pokey Music, BMI

Acoustic Guitar, Banjo, Vocals - Robin
Bass - Tony Conniff
Drum Programming - Tony Conniff
Lead Acoustic Guitar - Dakota Dave Hull
Background vocals: Cecilia Kirtland, Nancy Lee Baxter, Robin
Lead Acoustic Guitar - Dakota Dave Hull


Who's going to remember tomorrow
the things we said and did today
Will you still think about me
When we've gone our separate ways
Live together then forget, all that we've been thru
Whatever happens to us both
I'll remember you

Remember the love I had for you

You say you know me and I know you do
You know I'll do just what you say
We both know sooner or later
I'm gonna have to break away
Cause we both know that it won't last
but I have no regrets
And even though we're saying our goodbyes
I will not forget


Will it always mean as much
Nothing lasts forever
Nothing except memories
They won't leave me ever