"The Magic of Paris"

written by Robin Greenstein

Copyright ©1997 Tuddy & Pokey Music, BMI

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - Robin
Bass - Tony Conniff
Drum Programming - Warren Odze
Electric Guitar - Drew Zingg
Keyboards - Michael Wolff
Synths - Robbie Kondor
Clarinet - Lou Cortelezzi
Background vocals: Cecilia Kirtland, Robin

The Magic of Paris

There is magic in this city if you let it find you
Take a midnite walk along the Seine
A glass of good wine's a sure thing to unwind you
I know a nice cafe down by St. Germain
Later we'll return to the Hotel Nesle
I discovered it one day by chance
It's old and it's funky and the corridor smells
but it's the perfect place for those in search of truth & romance

Must be the Magic of Paris
Must be the Magic of Paris
Must be the Magic of Paris that set me free

A clandestine mission of love brought us here
to this city of lights and lovers
Once we had nothing to hide, we had nothing to fear
How simple it was to please each other
While the chic frenchmen danced in the disco downstairs
and the buskers on the street were playing
In that Paris hotel room we were caught in a spell
We couldn't hear what anybody was saying


Was it the wine with dinner that felt so soothing
or the in your arms as you held me
How else can I explain the way that I feel
Loving someone never came so easy
You know I'm not the articulate kind
I get shy and I tend to stammer
But suddenly I felt it the magic of Paris
It made me lose my schoolgirl manner