"He Always Liked the Ladies"

written by Robin Greenstein

Copyright ©1997 Tuddy & Pokey Music, BMI

Acoustic Guitar/Banjo - Robin
Bass - Tony Conniff
Drum Programming - Warren Odze
Synths - Ronnie Lawson
Oboe - Janice Hubbard
Background Vocals - Janice Hubbard, Cecilia Kirtland & Robin

He Always Liked the Ladies
(Hommage a Degas)

He always liked the ladies
Liked to watch them dance and sway
Not caring for how good they looked
But what their movements had to say
A box of guaches and a drawing pad
Now with a single line begin
Take notice of the light that hits the dancers as they spin


Bonnets and dancers, horses and prancers
No detail was too small
But he liked to draw the ladies best of all

A unlaced slipper, a glance in the mirror
Watched closely and carefully
Such private moments in a woman's life
drawn for all eternity
he sat unnoticed inthe ballet class
Sketching each pose he saw
Sometimes they fell, he would laugh with them
There's something beautiful in every flaw


Oh I'm a child again, Oh I'm a child again
That's when I wanted to dance like them
To dance like them