"Me and My Daydreams"

written by Robin Greenstein

Copyright )1997 Tuddy & Pokey Music, BMI

Acoustic Guitars - Robin
Piano - Michael Wolff
Bass - Tony Conniff
Drum Programming/Percussion - Warren Odze
Synths - Ronnie LawsonRobbie Kondor
Background Vocals - Janice Hubbard, Cecilia Kirtland & Robin

Me and My Daydreams

You go to sleep with your arms around me
and grit your teeth through the night
It comes from the tension collected today
But I'm awake to hear you and your arms are holding mine
I want to wake you but don't know just what to say

Me and My Daydreams they carry me through
the pain & the anguish I feel over you
it's crazy to love you but I still do
I still do

Do you remember the night we first met,
It seems such a long time ago
You said that being with me was where you belonged
But everything's different now, who knows why
There's so much I don't understand
It started so right how did it turn out so wrong


You were looking for a real love
Someone to be proud of
Someone like me, you were tired of being free
I don't give love easily
And now that it's yours you don't want it
Not anymore

In the morning I know what will happen
Your business takes you away
and I'll be left here with my daydreams of you
Still I keep hoping, maybe you'll call
I wonder if it's worth waiting for
But who could blame me for wanting to see more of you