"Catch You if I Can"

written by Robin Greenstein

Copyright )1997 Tuddy & Pokey Music, BMI

Acoustic Guitar - Robin
Electric Guitar - Drew Zingg
Bass - Tony Conniff
Drums - Frank Vilardi
Piano/Organ - Robbie Kondor
Background Vocals - Margaret Dorn, Millie Whiteside & Robin

Catch You if I Can

I feel the stirrings of a new romance
I could make you happy just give me the chance
To hold you close and let you know
Love doesn't happen all by itself
Try a little tenderness I need your help
When you take me out, treat me nice
Baby chop your own wood, it'll warm you twice

We're a funny pair, stubborn minds
Keeping our distance all of the time
Come back here you rambling man
I'm gonna catch you catch you
Catch you if I can

Just say you need me and I'll be you slave
I'd like to tell you but I'm not that brave
So a guessing game is all we'll play
You're always running, never standing still
I'm always trying to change you but I never wil
l Give it up or let it go
Cultivate your garden and watch the flowers grow


Women's faults are many, men's faults are few
Everything they say and everything they do
so come on baby don't you wanna make things right
You never miss your mama till she's out of sight