"When You Leave Amsterdam"

written by Robin Greenstein

Copyright ©1997 Tuddy & Pokey Music, BMI

Acoustic Guitar, Vocals - Robin
Electric Guitar - Drew Zingg
Bass - Tony Conniff
Drum Programming - Tony Conniff & Robin
Keyboards - Robbie Kondor

When You Leave Amsterdam

You Leave Amsterdam, please wake me
And I'll walk you down to the station
Maybe we'll have the time, to take it slow
and have our last hours to relax in

We'll buy some cheese at the market
& have it with oranges and bread
Sit by the canal & eat in silence
Why talk when there's nothing to be said

When You Leave Amsterdam, don't fake it
You know I'll know that's not your style
Don't you worry about me, I'll make it
I took you as a woman won't leave you as a child

Amsterdam is a city for sailors
Those red light ladies keep them satisfied
Here I am with the man I've always wanted
Now I'm letting him go without even knowing why

When you leave Amsterdam, I'll kiss you
& watch your love slip right out of my hands
When I wake up alone, you know I'm gonna miss you so
But I promised you I'd try to understand
When you leave Amsterdam