"Living Your Life Alone"

written by Robin Greenstein

Copyright ©1997 Tuddy & Pokey Music, BMI

Drums - Frank Vilardi
Acoustic Guitar - Robin
Electric Guitar - Drew Zingg
Bass - Tony Conniff
Synth/Strings - Robbie Kondor
Sax solo - Bob Malach
Background Vocals - Liz Corrigan, Cecilia Kirtland, Raun McKinnon, Robin

Living Your Life Alone

Living Your Life Alone
Dreaming your dreams with no one beside you
Choosing a path, with no one to guide you
How lonely it must be

You're a stranger in a foreign land,
Can't find anyone who understands
You know you've always had things going your own way
But suddenly all your plans have gone astray
What would the folks back home all have to say
if they knew, knew you were


The sun quickly falls, now gray descends
You're left to spend another lonely night again
You're crying out for someone who
will hold your hand and see you through
The sound of silence really gets to you
when you're living your life alone

Well the night has passed, you've made it through
so give the credit when the credit's due
I never thought you'd make it through that lonely night
But deep in their roots all flowers keep the light
From now on it's gonna be all right

Now you know you'll make it on your own
You don't have to live that life of stone
Telephone a friend and tell him you love him
Call up your folks if you've been thinking of them
Tell them you're learning to

Live Your Life Alone
And Dream your dreams with no one beside you
You're choosing a path, with no one to guide you
You're making it on your own