Thanks for your interest in my recordings. There are several ways to order CDs or digital downloads:

Choice 1: Order Online directly from Robin with a credit card using the online pay service
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Choice 2: Order Online from 

Choice 3:
Old Fashioned mail order:'re not really into this whole online downloading thing. You don't want to give out your sensitive financial info online. You like to do it the old fashioned way: send in an order form with a check and have the CD mailed to you... no problem! Plus this way you can save on multiple copies. Just click below to go to a printable order form, print it out and send it to the address at the bottom of the form.


Choice 4: You are totally digital!
My full CDs (except "Art Is A Language") and tracks from those CDs are available from iTunes, and other streaming sites. However, not all my tracks are available that way. I am currently working on another way to offer individual tracks such as "Hole In The Ground" and my children's CD tracks as single downloads. Stay tuned..

Any questions or problems? e-mail me.