Released in 2000, this CD has 12 songs, 11 originals and a song by Bob Dylan, played on banjo. Produced by Rob Friedman. Core band: Robin, Rob Friedman, Doug Yowell and Michael Visceglia, with other guests. Two of the tracks were recorded in New Orleans with members of Clarence "Gatemouth" Brown's band.

Song Listing (all songs by Robin Greenstein unless otherwise noted):

1. New Kick Now
2. I'll Be There
3. Acousticness
4. Tomorrow's A Brand New Day
5. Did Ya Know
6. Cry For The Lonely
7. You're Gonna Make Me Lonesome When You Go (B. Dylan)
8. Let Go
9. West Coast Swing
10. The Boys From Fargo
11. Can't Lose With You (R. Greenstein-J. Payson)
12. Sacred Song